Volume groups in inactive state after AIX 6.1 Migration


Even if support ended for AIX 5.3 since April 2012, some companies still have old AIX releases like 5.2 or even older. I had some migrations to do for one of my customers on standalone P5 and blades, everything went well but I saw filesystems mount error messages at boot. Once logged in, I saw all my volume groups but few of them were inactive, and a varyonvg gave error messages.


DLPAR issues with cloned AIX LPAR


Recently, I was installing a POWER7 P770 for one of my customers. But instead of installing VIO servers from scratch, we made clones on the storage subsystem (HP 3PAR)  from VIOS previously installed on another P770. In one hand, it had the benefit of being a fast method avoiding us to install and configure the Operating Systems, 3PAR multipathing drivers, customer tools; but in the other hand, we have to correct some settings and do some clean-up operations (hostname, devices…).

My customer often uses this method to clone LPAR (AIX/VIO) and as expected DLPAR operations won’t work. Even if my customer usually knows how to correct that, this time had been more tricky because of CAA (Cluster Aware AIX, from AIX 6.1 TL6 & 7.1).

Hardware IBM

Accessing Power System (pSeries) console using IBM 3153 Terminal


One of my customers had a problem on his Power System (P7) and needed to access the console using an IBM 3153 terminal. We don’t see a lot of this old stuffs (1990s) because many people are using HMC or USB/Serial(RS232) adapter on their computer/laptop.


AIX 6.1 TL7 : 2 bugs in IBM System Director Common Agent


AIX 6.1 TL7 includes IBM Systems Director Common Agent (cas agent). It is installed as part of the System Management Client Software bundle which is part of the default install options.

Unfortunately, this new component introduce 2 small bugs including one that could fill up root filesystem (/).

After installing TL7 and at system reboot, the Director agent is automatically enabled.

AIX IBM Storage

Implementing iSCSI on AIX with Storwize V7000 (V7000U)



When properly configured, an AIX server can act as :

  • iSCSI initiator : access storage devices using TCP/IP on Ethernet network adapters
  • iSCSI target : export local storage to be accessed by other iSCSI initiators using the iSCSI protocol

In our case, iSCSI initiator will be an AIX 7.1 (7100-00-03-1115) and the iSCSI target will be a Storwize V7000 Unified.

IBM Storage

SVC + Storwize V7000 + Unified : 208 days reboot bug resolved with new firmware release (V6.3.0.2, V1.3.0.5)


A new firmware level has been released and corrects a serious bug :

  • Storwize V7000 and SVC : (30 March 2012)
  • Storwize V7000 Unified : (2 April 2012)

This strange bug due to a known Linux kernel issue  which result in a kernel panic (due to a internal counter overflow) after 208 days of uninterrupted time and reboot of both nodes was affecting SVC controller nodes, Storwize V7000,  and Storwize V7000 unified block node canisters.

This issue affects the following releases : 6.2.0.x (excepting V6.2.0.5), 6.3.0.x, 1.3.0.x (for unified)

IBM Storage

Storwize V7000 : Software Upgrade


Upgrading the IBM Storwize V7000 is an easy procedure without interruption as the storage architecture provides 2 nodes, and upgrade runs on one node before shutting down and upgrading the other node.

This upgrade operation will take approximately 30 minutes.

Login to the GUI


Nmon Analyser v33g – Excel 2010 64 bits


Since I reinstall my laptop with Windows 7 64 bits and all my tools (because of a memory upgrade), I had the “good” idea to install Office 2010 Suite in 64 bits version too !
Unfortunately, Nmon Analyser don’t work under Excel 2010 64 bits. I tried to figure it out by changing some function declaration and comenting some calls and I finally get to have it working. I think it is doing the work and it can help few people but I’m not a VBA expert, so let me know if there are some issues.

Here is my unofficial release


Certification : AIX 6.1 Administration

IBM Certified

Today, I passed and validated my first certification test : AIX 6.1 Administration (000-104).
Now, I have a new status : IBM Certified System Administrator – AIX 6.1
This test is a MCQ of 117 questions with a time limit of 150 minutes,  the following lines list the objectives :

Backup and Recovery (5%)

  1. Recover from a lost root password
  2. Backup AIX OS and data using AIX commands (mksysb, mkcd, tar, backup, etc)
  3. Restore AIX OS and data using AIX commands, including listing backup media contents (restvg, restore, tar, etc)



WPAR : Introduction


This my first post and I’m going to blog about WPAR technology 


What is a WPAR ?  WPAR = Workload PARtition.
It is a software virtualization/partitioning system within an AIX instance which allows isolating execution environment, as share and resources control allocation (cpu, ram, network) in order to limit interactions between others WPAR, and AIX hosting operating system.